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Software product developed in Russia - WellQC. It is used to control the quality of geological and geophysical data obtained at each stage of the well life cycle. It is an auxiliary product for use with the PetroVision Databank.

The application has been actively developed for over 10 years. The first version of the product was presented at the end of 2011.




The application currently allows you to perform the following tasks:

  1. Carry out quality control of incoming material
  2. View visual interpretation of data
  3. Create reporting documentation that meets modern standards


The following material checks are implemented in the software product:


In the areas: Related to:
  • Geological research project
  • Drilling
  • Inclinometry
  • Well case
  • Verification of geological parameters
  • Well logging
  • Estimation of reserves
  • Project fund
  • Curves matching
  • Geological and technological research
  • Core sample
  • Bottom-hole formation zone
  • Hydraulic fracturing
  • Laboratories for hydrodynamic and diagnostic studies
  • Compressor/Booster pumping stations
  • Chemical analytical laboratories
  • Installation of the electric centrifugal pump
  • Sucker rod pumping unit
  • Overhaul/Underground workover of wells
  • Oil and gas production shops


The application supports the following data formats:

  1. Log ASCII Standard version 1.2, 2.0, 3.0 - .las
  2. Interlayer information - .zak
  3. Tabular data - .xls/xslx, .db/dbf
  4. Text files with predefined structure


There are also different types of material checks:

  1. Completeness of the material provided
  2. Control of compliance with the format and structure of data
  3. Checking the syntactic correctness of incoming data
  4. Analysis of data being checked and their compliance with reference data
  5. Checking incoming material in the context of filling the Databank.


This functionality allows you to correct the material at all stages of collecting information and before uploading it to the Databank, guaranteeing lower costs and reducing risks: temporary, reputational and financial.



All products of the company have the ability to work with data of uniform standards and are fully compatible with each other. Development is carried out taking into account the requests and wishes of users. The solutions applied correspond to expediency and logic, are adopted and revised on the basis of expanding and refining information.


The undoubted advantage is modular design. It allows you to implement customization of modules for each enterprise separately. Moreover, this setting is feasible both with the help of the company's specialists, and independently, after training.


The program has a flexible configuration of checks and rules through configuration files, as well as a built-in set of basic checks. In addition, the program has a multifunctional editor for correcting errors detected during checks, convenient navigation through them and the ability to view help information.



The software product is tested at every stage of its life - from the initial realization of the idea to its implementation - but the support does not end there. Another advantage is the possibility to stay in communication with technical support, ready to clarify the situation and promptly resolve the issues that might arise, as well as timely transfer information to the developers for making changes.


Development prospects

Software development forges ahead, and the following functionality is planned for release in the near future:

  1. Seismic data validation (SEGY, SEGD, RODE formats);

  2. Automatic correction of typical errors identified during the verification of incoming material.


At the same time, work is underway to improve the existing functionality.


System requirements


  • Windows 7 or higher
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 or higher (including compatible OS)


  • minimum: 4 GB
  • recommended: 8 GB


  • OpenJDK 11 or higher.




The WellQC software product has proven its worth both in the domestic and foreign markets.