10-th Anniversary User Club 2017

We are pleased to announce that the 10-th Anniversary Symposium (User Club) of CGG took place in “Eurasia” Business Hotel, Tyumen on the 11th and 12th of October, 2017.

The top managers and leading seismic data processing specialists of over fifty Russian oil and gas service companies participated in this symposium.

Among those are OOO “TNNC” (PAO “NK “Rosneft”), OOO “Gazpromneft-NTC”, OOO "LUKOIL-Engineering", TO “SurgutNIPIneft”, OOO “Geoprime”, FGUP “ZapsibNIIGG”, NAO “SibNAC”, OOO “Purgeofizika”, OOO “Ingeoservice”, PAO “Permneftegeofizika”, OOO “SamaraNIPIneft”, ZAO “MiMGO”, OAO “Novatek”, OOO NPC “Geostra” of OA “Bashneftegeofizika”, PAO “Samaraneftegeofizika”, OOO “CGG Vostok”, OOO “Nedra-Consult”.

The Vice-President of CGG Bertrand Chavane and Director General of “Geoleader” Ltd. Alexander Smirnov opened the symposium with the welcome speech.

The user club program included presentations on CGG innovations in seismic data processing prepared by Chief Technical Adviser of CGG Antoine Michel.

After the general overview of CGG developments and new deliverables in Geovation 2016, the following topics were presented:

  • - Advanced Data Conditioning for Optimized Imaging & Interpretation in Geovation 2016;
  • - Depth Imaging in Geovation 2016;
  • - Robust AVO/A QC Workflow.

The essential part of the “User Club” seminars is a live discussion of key issues directly with the representatives of CGG development department, and with business partners.

Many thanks to all the members, who took active part in the Symposium, kept up common interest for the topics discussed, and encouraged effective dialogues.

Photo Report on the Symposium

The next User Club, dedicated to the latest Geovation release, is planned in spring 2018.

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