A new version 4.4 of the WellQC application, designed for the geological and geophysical data quality control, was released. 

Below are the modifications, related to the current version of the product.


Modifications of Application Interface 

  1. Interface customization:
    • Correction of the application components naming;
    • Exclusion of not used functionality;
    • Automatic generation of names for the reporting documentation, based on the chosen field and the current date;
    • Tracking of the access rights related problems;
    • Reorganization of the performed operation results, saving of the operation results history;
    • Updated package of icons.
  2. Presentation of errors as a catalog with grouping of errors by the material related fields:
    • UWI;
    • Well reference number;
    • Field code;
    • Cluster reference number;
    • Contractor;
    • Client.
  3. Generation of xlsx-report according to the check procedures content and automatic data correction;
  4. Relation of the errors and the corresponding data references and convenient access to them.


Structural Modifications 

The following modifications may be referred to as structural ones:

  1. Support of structural field types;
  2. Several functions are added in order to perform search and processing of non-formalized documents, such as xls/xlsx and pdf;
  3. Support of additional file types for the structural file;
  4. A sequence of the directory structure reading is changed.


Correction of Typical Errors 

The following categories of errors are distinguished, and the conditions for their transformation are organized:

  • Correction of the whole material according to the pre-defined structural units: general definition of name of the well, field, UWI, etc.;
  • Transformation of well-logging data to the standards of storage; 
  • Syntactical and notional correction of the internal data structure; 
  • Conversion of files to the required formats; 
  • Exclusion of files and directories according to the set conditions; 
  • Removal of duplicate data; 
  • Material correction based on the values in the database. 


Besides, a detailed description of modifications, convenient access to them, as well as generation of the reporting documentation regarding the operations performed are organized. 


For more detailed information, as well as for the application demo-version, please, contact our specialists: