The PetroVision Software is the integrated solution for exploration and production data management, described as PetroVision IV Database.


The basic concept of PetroVision IV is ensuring of maximum comfort of loading, quality assessment and working with a full range of exploration and production data (E&P), namely viewing, searching, access, visualization, querying and delivery of data. The PetroVision IV is based on the PostgreSQL/Oracle DBMS, the GIS interface and Geoserver/ESRI ArcGIS Server technologies.

PetroVision IV provides access to data stored in the PostgreSQL/Oracle database, as well as external files that are located in the disk and robotic storages, and a variety of tools to manipulate that data.

The History of the PetroVision Databasecreation begins with 80-90 years of the last century, when the CGG company brought this product to the world market. Since 1997 PetroVision is in Russia. Since 2006, was bought from CGG and is owned by Geoleader.

The PetroVision IV possibilities allow qualitative data loading, sorting, selecting by the established rules and viewing of the contents of various file types, including:

  • SEG Viewer - to display the seismic data;
  • LOG Viewer - to view the data of geophysical well logging (formats: las, lis, dlis);
  • As well as working with files of the following formats: TXT, DOC, PDF, ASCII, TIF, JPEG and so on.
  • Map and Search modules are single center to access all the information stored in the PetroVision IV Data bank. You can quickly find the object of interest, as well as make an enquiry into the database, view the files selected by the results of the query, create and send a report by email.
  • Delivery module allows the user to collect any files to the cart, form the basis of the project database with the selected data or send files to the input of other programs, interpretation complexes, processing or archiving systems on magnetic tapes. Provided files sending by e-mail or by the network to another computer. It is possible to send a request by e-mail with a request to the operator to print files stored in the cart or burn them to CD and other media.

The PetroVision IV advantages are determined by the original configuration architecture, which allows successfully apply the software to virtually any database, based on the POSC Epicentre data model. PetroVision is a unique development in the area of data storage and management, covering the whole possible range of geologic-geophysical and production data. And native belongings of the developers brought it in the international and native leaders in the aspects of delivery costs, as well as support services and software maintenance
Technical requirements: (a) Pentium 4 processor or higher, 512 MB RAM, 200 MB of hard disk space; (b) Server - Red Hat Linux 5,6 x64; (c) Client - a basic requirement is the presence of a modern web-browser (IE v.8, Firefox v.14, Google Chrome v.12) in Linux, Windows (XP, Server 2003, Vista, 7, 8), Mac.

Future developments are determined by the constant daily work of improving the PetroVision IV system. It is planned to use various types of charts and graphs to analyze the status and visualization of data; to improve selection mechanism on the specified criteria, to develop the Web-based applications for 3D-visualisation of boreholes from the digital models, to develop the Web-version of the data loading and many other tasks.

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